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Workplace Violence & Threats

While the term "Going Postal"may have had its roots in government service, workplace violence is a potential problem in any business. It is a difficult problem to deal with, but workplace violence is a serious concern in the United States. No employer, no matter the size, is immune. While the vast majority of businesses promote and foster safe work environments, there are many uncontrollable variables that can trigger a threat or attack from internal or external sources.

A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals there were 458 workplace homicides and 242 workplace suicides in 2011. This accounted for about 17% of fatal injuries in the workplace. This was the second leading cause of death, only to transportation incidents. These statistics only represent actual fatalities and do not include attempted homicides, assaults, property damage, arson, or threats.

There are many steps an organization can take to reduce the likelihood of a workplace violence incident. Examples are careful background screening, educating employees on warning signs, providing counseling, and clear communication of corporate safety policies. But when a business encounters a potential workplace violence threat, Blueguard Security should be one of the solutions.

Blueguard Security has provided on site personnel for workplace violence threats throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. These threats often arise unexpectedly, and we have put protection plans into effect with very little notice.

Our personnel also respect the privacy concerns of companies who require our workplace violence protection services. No information is disclosed to outside parties, or even employees, without the consent of the client.

The tension and stress of a workplace violence threat can be draining on the employer, and the employees. It does not have to ruin your business. It does not have to bring a stop to your operations. Blueguard Security can provide the sound protection services you need, and the peace of mind that keeps your staff focused on their work.

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