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Site Security Surveys

There are many elements that contribute to the safety and security of every property. On site police and security officers are only one phase of protection. Often minor changes in the physical plant can be major improvements for the security of the site.

Blueguard Security has specially trained staff members for providing thorough Site Security Surveys. Our Security Survey Specialists will visit your site and perform a comprehensive review and inspection. Everything from locks and lighting, to vegetation and cleaning, to cameras and security guards can be optimized making your site a harder and less desirable target for the criminal element.

Completed security surveys are condensed to written reports that are provided to the client. These records are kept as confidential documents at Blueguard Security to assure the client that their potential vulnerabilities are not exposed or released to the public.

The basic and comprehensive nature of the surveys and applicable improvements make this service a sound investment for any business. In fact, most improvements come with little cost to the business owner, and large improvements to the safety, security, and appeal of the site.