Blueguard Security, Inc.
Baltimore's Profesional Security Service

Supervision & Management

Blueguard Security uses a well organized corporate structure to manage the delivery of security services. In addition to experience, Supervisors and Managers are assigned personnel and projects based on their skills in leadership, administration, communication, and customer service.

Many projects that are small in scope and similar in nature are grouped together under a single supervisor. Some projects require dedicated on site supervision due to their nature, size, and scope. Still other projects require multiple supervisors and a dedicated manager due to size or complexity. Supervisors may be trained as Certified Security Officers, or may be Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers based on the needs of a particular project. Just as project plans and services are customized per project, supervision and management is as well.

Managers provide a second level of administration, and generally are responsible for multiple teams and supervisors. Blueguard Security managers report directly to the Corporate Officers providing a relatively flat, efficient, and effective corporate organization.