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Posts & Patrols

Reception Post
Fixed Posts are effective in highly controlled and highly visible settings. For example, a professional building with a main entrance often provides an excellent fixed post in the lobby to screen people, credentials, and packages prior to entry or departure. Fenced property also commonly makes use of fixed posts at access gates. For areas open to the public, a fixed and visible post for the public to easily locate assistance and make inquiries can be very beneficial. Fixed posts often serve as communication hubs, and can also be used for surveillance video monitoring.
Foot Patrols allow officers to make positive one on one contact with individuals. This may be your employees, customers, vendors, or the criminal element. Professional personal interaction and astute observation skills are key in interactions with all of these groups. In this way the security officer often becomes the face of the client to the public. This is why Blueguard Security places strong emphasis on professionalism, courtesy, and customer service beyond what is normally provided by other security companies.
Foot Patrol
Mobile Security Patrol
Vehicle Patrols allow police and security officers to cover larger project properties quickly and effectively. Vehicle patrols are also very effective crime deterrents because of their high level of visibility. Marked vehicles with overhead lighting are easily recognizable from any distance. Blueguard Security Officers are also instructed on randomizing their driving patterns to create an omnipresence appearance within the project property.
Combined Solutions allow Blueguard Security Officers the benefits of various posts and patrols in a single project. While some projects are adequately protected with a single fixed post security guard, others require multiple officers and/or multiple patrol methods. Whatever your project, you can be sure Blueguard will design the right solution for you.
Combined Teams