Blueguard Security, Inc.
Baltimore's Professional Security Service

Organizational Background

Blueguard Security, Inc. was founded in Abingdon, Maryland in 2006. Joseph Conger, Owner & President, has extensive training and experience in law enforcement and security assignments dating back to 1995.

Working on a variety of assignments, President Conger wanted to create a new professional organization focusing on quality of service while at the same time providing superior working conditions for the employees.

Blueguard Security was formed as a security company with improved working conditions. Officers were given employee status with regular payroll cycles, insurance coverages, and company provided uniforms. Company vehicles were added to selected assignments. An interactive website was also developed to allow employees to update personal information, provide work availability, receive work assignments, submit activity reports, and receive communications from management. These were all significant improvements to the working conditions offered with other organizations.

Focusing on quality of service, Blueguard Security grew rapidly. In the effort to provide truly customized security solutions, Certified Security Officers were added to the staff and services of the organization. The addition of these unarmed security officers allowed for customers to select from different levels of protection based on their individual project needs. Certified Security Officers began serving in full time and part time capacities, as well as in team assignments together with Off-Duty Law Enforcement.

As the Certified Security Officer program continued to grow, Wayne Conger joined the organization as a full time principal director. Already experienced in private security and private investigation service, he was easily able to hit the ground running. Originally assigned to recruitment and selection of new employees to keep up with the fast paced growth, his role was quickly expanded to become the first dedicated manager for Certified Security Officers, and has since grown into the position of Vice President of Operations.

By early 2008, a permanent office needed to be established in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore Office provided a headquarters for management and staff operations. As with everything else, this too has grown too. Today the Baltimore Office is an employment center, a training center, and an equipment and supply management facility.

Growth has been the true story of our organization. Among other recognition, Blueguard Security received the award for Future Fifty Emerging Growth Company by Smart CEO Magazine in 2010 and again in 2011. And in 2012 Blueguard Security was selected to service the DHS Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) operations in Maryland following Superstorm Sandy.

Blueguard Security continues to grow today. Providing quality security service and customized on-site protection solutions continues to be the foundation of all operations. With the input, effort, and collaboration of all members, Blueguard Security will continue to know success. A bright future lies ahead.

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