Blueguard Security, Inc.
Baltimore's Professional Security Service

Certified Security Officers

Blueguard Security carefully recruits, selects, trains, equips, and deploys Certified Security Officers for many projects. In fact this service has recently grown by demand to be our largest area of service provided.

Certified Security Officers, both armed and unarmed, fill post and patrol positions for a variety of sites. These include fixed posts, foot and vehicular patrols, and teams for larger events and facilities.

Our Certified Security Officers are selected from a very large applicant pool that is largely comprised of already experienced security guards. Each candidate must submit to an intensive selection process. Applications that pass the close scrutiny of management will then will be afforded a personal interview. Promising candidates will then be subjected to internal background checks, as well as Maryland State Police criminal background and certification processes.

Selected candidates, regardless of experience, must then complete a basic training and orientation at the Blueguard Training Center. This is then supplemented by on site orientation for the specific security needs and concerns of their assigned project.