Completion of this Application for Employment is solely for the purpose of seeking employment with Blueguard Security, Inc.  By submitting this application, you acknowledge acceptance to the terms and conditions here stated.  You will further be referred to as the "applicant" within this document.

The applicant is providing this information voluntarily to Blueguard Security, Inc. for employment consideration.  The applicant is representing that the information provided is true and complete.  Falsification or omission of application information will be reason for employment denial, or employment termination of the applicant.  If there are changes to the application information after submission, the applicant will immediately notify Blueguard Security, Inc. in writing.

The applicant consents for Blueguard Security, Inc to use the provided information herein to conduct extensive background investigations including professional information, educational information, residential information, financial information, personal information, criminal history information, driving record information, and other information for consideration for employment.

The applicant recognizes that submission of this application does not guarantee employment with Blueguard Security, Inc.